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Samantha Box

Breedsecure - Puppy Channel Business Development Representative
1-800-431-3132 ext 7326

Meet Samantha

My name is Samantha and I am one of the Breedsecure Representatives for Petsecure. My focus remains on the dog and puppy portion of the Breedsecure program. I have a dog of my own, whose name is Henry. Henry is a miniature poodle and the love of my life!

I have been with Petsecure since September of 2013 and love coming to work each day knowing that what we do helps provide pets with the care they deserve.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail should you wish to learn more about the program or require assistance. I am always happy to help!

Rebecca Luhowy

Breedsecure - Kitten Channel Business Development Representative
1-800-431-3132 ext 6312

Meet Rebecca

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I’m the representative for the cat and kitten portion of the Breedsecure program.

I’ve been a Registered Animal Health Technologist since 2012, starting out in a small clinic and making my way to Petsecure in 2014. I love having the ability to collaborate with breeders who are truly passionate about the breeds they work with.

The day a family takes home a new kitten is an exciting one, but along with all the joy and fun a kitten can bring to a household, they can also be little troublemakers. Breedsecure’s coverage means peace of mind when it comes to accidents or illnesses.